Paver Cleaning

Pavers stand the test of time. However, regular paver cleaning is necessary as part of its maintenance to ensure it will last longer. Moss, algae, and lichens can contaminate the stones that make the pavers unpleasant to look at. This is without mentioning yet the stains it may get through time.

Understanding Your Pavers

Each paving materials requires different ways of cleaning. Take note that cleaning the pavers correctly is a key towards their preservation. Hence, understanding pavers is necessary in your part. For example, bricks easily absorb stains and oils as compared to other types of pavers.

Though most pavers are cleaned using high pressure cleaners, brick pavers must be exempted. High pressure can easily damage the bricks and so the best way to clean them is using a low pressure cleaner. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, have color pigments. Hence, the use of chemicals for cleaning must be watched out because frequent chemical use can cause discoloration and fading.

Cleaning the Pavers

We recommend regular cleaning of your pavers at least weekly to make them look better for a longer period of time. The general rule of thumb when cleaning pavers is that you act on cleaning the stains as soon as you see them. Take note that the longer you wait to act on a stain, the harder it will be removed from the paver.

For at-home cleaning, there are simple ways you can deal with specific stains. However, you should be careful in doing this task as it may damage the pavers if not done correctly. Here are some suggestions in paver cleaning:

Blood and food stains. Use liquid detergent and let is set on the stain for around 30 minutes. Rinse the area off with hot water. The earlier you attend to the stains, the easier they can be removed.

  • Efflorescence. Though this is a natural residue on the surface of the paver, it can be cleaned using muriatic acid.
  • Mortar. Wait for the mortar to harden and then you can remove it using a chisel.
  • Moss and algae. Anti-algae and moss solutions can be purchased to help deal with moss and algae when cleaning pavers.
  • Rust. You can use hydrochloric acid to remove rust on pavers.

Professional Paver Cleaners

It is true that there are certain home solutions that can be employed when cleaning pavers. However, to guarantee the best care for the pavers, it is best to seek the help of professional cleaners from Clean Your Pavers. You can trust us in terms of the right knowledge and tools not only in cleaning pavers but as well as dealing with them safely. For instance, the use of chemicals on pavers can put a lot of risk to the condition of the pavers as well as an inexperienced homeowner.

At Clean Your Pavers, we ensure that everything we do is safe for everyone. Plus, you can be assured that even the most stubborn stain will be removed. As a reliable professional paver cleaner in California, hiring us for your paver maintenance is the right decision.